Randy Cameron Jr.

Randy Cameron Jr.

Randy Cameron Jr. began to establish himself as one of the leaders in the emerging New York City hydroponic farming industry in 2006, with the formation of Skyponic Farming.   It's mission, to introduce aquaponics (symbiotic fish and plant production), hydroponics (water-based plant production), and green-roof scaping to both the education system and food production distribution industry in New York City.

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BSSE/Skyponic Farming offers a diverse farming experience. Including, urban farm management, hydroponic production system installation, urban farming education and job training.


Urban Farming Education Project Development

Massachusetts Avenue Project Certification 

Skyponic Farming LLC

The Urban Garden Center Partnership

Spring Creek Garden Urban Project,

Project Seed Street

Brooklyn Sprout Social Enterprise

Union Theological Seminary Hydroponic Education Program

Hydroponic/Aquaponics Farming Certification

The Urban Garden Center

Spring Creek Garden

Life Lab Certification

Seed Street

Brooklyn Sprout Social Enterprise